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Since people spend lots of money upon wedding ceremony and Parties, but they imply themselves in each and every matter in such a manner that at the closing of the day they experience that they’ve not rolled wedding ceremony of their solely Son/Daughter or they have not been capable to relish the occasions. That is how come, a Wedding Planner Coordinator is compulsory to make you, your fellowship & admirers prosperous on the day of the Wedding/Event.

We as Wedding Event Planner are here to take care of everything right from Invitation Cards to Honeymoon Destinations, Theme based Weddings, Musical Extravaganzas and formal and informal Parties and we Organize it all. We make you cozy to enjoy each and every function along with your fellowship & admirers prosperous on the day of the Wedding/Event.

We have our own designer invitation cards showroom and we also provide destination marriage services. Our caterers prepare their food in their own modern kitchen and serve hygienic food at the wedding place.


A wedding venue is an integral part of the wedding preparations. Deciding the wedding venue is an important factor. It is a dream of every boy and girl that their wedding venue should be a like a fairyland or a royal palace.

A wedding venue has to be chosen depending upon the approximate number of guests that you expect on your wedding. Only after ascertaining your size requirements for the wedding venue, begin scouting your neighborhood area for the same. Also, as during the wedding season, there is so much rush, it is always advisable to book the venue as soon as possible. With changing times the preferences and choice of venues have changed significantly.

The most common places of marriage venues are marriage halls, banquet halls, large parks, open air grounds, 5 Star Hotels, clubs and farm houses etc. There can outdoor and indoor venues depending on the season and climatic conditions.  The range of marriage venues is large depending on your choice and budget.

Mirzams will arrange the perfect wedding venue for you depending upon your requirements. Leave all your booking worries to us. We would take up all responsibility of finding the ideal wedding venue for your dream marriage. Apart, from the wedding itself, we also cater to booking venues for receptions and other pre – wedding functions as well.

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