Birthday Events

The day is so exceptional for all living Soul on globe. Yes…. Birthdays are implied to be a reminder for our conscience whether what and how the Right and beneficial shall we do in the next coming year? There is where Mirzams will assist you is compulsorily to give at least a humble Birth day Party to your close and beloved ones who are more than your Well wishers. We feel you ask to share a few intricate especial moments with your familiar camaraderie. Mirzams is at that place for you to make your Birthdays finest from the finer and add up a impact of Vibrancy to apiece and every minute shared in the Birthday Function!!



Birthdays are meant majorly for the Little Chubs who love the cartoons such as “Winnie the Pooh”, “Mickey Mouse” and “Donald Duck.” Mirzams doesn’t brag to have gained a name as being a greatest Birthday Party organizer but yeah it acknowledges to apply relatively the less space, which is availed on the social occasion of less preferred parties such as Birthdays….The height at which the Balloons need to be exhibited and the vividness of the Balloons, The choice of decorations and the borders where it asks to be tied. Our highly professional squad of Birthday Event organizers ranges from people who know what and where to add the Colors of Ecstasy. They know where and when to expose the Show puppets and the right color combination of the Balloons. Decorating the Cake is also something extraordinary in which our team is toned down. Come and have a Birthday Blast with Mirzams and enjoy until the last!!

What you dream is our Birthday Theme…

It is not compulsory that Birthday Parties are bounded only to the newbies. Our themes of Decoration include a exclusive concept such as “Barbie”, which is displayed flamboyantly along with bunches of Tepals and Petals in Shadows of Pink or else “Minnie” along with her husband “Mickey” in the frankest ecstatic moment. Well, in case if it is once again a Birthday party for Teenagers, the conceptual displays can range from a more Cordial way of greeting on the Birthday to the most professional form which is displayed again for the grownups. At the inveterate level, we are able to fine tune our Choices of Display and Portrayal in par with the decisions of our Eminent Clients. Decoration at Mirzams is for sure to be commendable and of course it will be unforgettable!! Because that is the only niche which builds the Birthday child/Birthday boy/Birthday Girl/Birthday Man/Birthday Woman experience more and more special on such an encouraging day, we put in our endeavor to keep it more exuberant realizing its Vitality and Essentiality.


Birthdays are intended to contribute our hurtful blessings to the little ones as well as the Birthday person at the same time, it is aspired to share live minutes of Mirth and pleasure with our near and dear ones. In order to make it progressively entertaining, our adept team of professional entertaining expertise will make your Party for sure more and more Upbeat and Peppy!! Mirzams adds a lot of Spice to your unforgettable Birthday Party through

  • Games
  • Fun Activities
  • Music Shows
  • Sound and DJ
  • Live Band
  • Magic Shows
  • Welcome Dolls
  • Digital Caricature.


Turning on to the Birthday Party Catering Services, Mirzams takes care of the Lavishing Food, a Kaleidoscope Display and eventually a elegant Hospitality and offers the Catering Services according to your menu requirements.

  • Welcome Drinks
  • Veg and Non Veg
  • Mock tails and Cocktails

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